Photography by Siddhartha Mudaliar

It’s all about visual appeal, isn’t it? As a visual artist, I find
myself more and more inclined of late towards converting everyday
occurrences into something a little more ‘rememberable’ ….

Be it the people that we bump into by chance, or be it the song that’s
playing in your head over and over for no particular reason…we try and
find meaning out of the unfathomable volume of information that our 5
senses feed us – right within our hearts and minds. We do so by making
a sort-of make belief place where everything comes together, right
there in our minds into a sensible picture – and we create an
illusionary world with the many pictures from our past and present.
That illusionary world is what we call – reality.  We all do that; we
are at it all the time. And all our realities are different and

To the artist, it is a need more than a duty to be able to put some of
these pictures together in the physical realm, to understand and
preserve those pictures more efficiently and objectively (after all,
memories do fade more than photographs).
Making pictures of other people’s realities through your own eyes, to
be able to present to them a picture which they would never have seen
without you, the mirror- that’s quite a bit of magic that comes
together, an all-new reality that stems partly from the subjects and
partly from the photographer’s realities. That’s really quite exciting
for both parties concerned!

And that is what I try and do with my photography…to bring in a bit
from both ends, meet half way down the bridge and create memories and
memories of memories – and put them down on common ground in images